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Curb stops

Improve safety by having speed bumps placed on your street or lot. The specialists at Attaboy Striping and Parking Lot Services, LLC have the experience to install long-lasting curb stops and speed bumps anywhere you need them.


Parking bumpers or wheel stops, as you may call these stops by, tell vehicles where to stop or keep your vehicle from rolling away such as when a trucker pulls up to a truck stop. The bumpers will be mounted to a pole by a chain and the truckers can put them behind their vehicle to keep it from rolling away.


We also offer you wheel chocks which are different from curb stops, but related. The chocks are mounted to the ground so your vehicle knows where to stop such as when you pull into a gas station.


All the curb stop and speed bump work will be done right the first time. Contact our family-owned and -operated company now to schedule a service.

Providing you with curb stop and speed bump expertise

An array of wheel stop and speed bump services

  • Parking stop blocks (parking curb stops)

  • 6- foot and 7-foot concrete blocks

  • 6-foot rubber stops

  • 4-foot and 6-foot blocks

  • Speed bumps


Your reputable curb stop and speed bump company

"Very easy to work with. They did a great job for us in a very quick turnaround. We are very pleased with the results as well."


- Amber Anthony

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